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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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able to tell right away. this one did not have a lead problem my spinner. >> austin has a collection of 50 of those. >> i bet some have lead. >> i bet do you. >> you can clean them up after that. >> all right. get off my back, we said, that alex was going top short hair today but this takes time, okay. so, maybe within the next 60 minutes. >> yeah at 8:00. >> you guys voted, we will honor that. i will go short. my hairdresser is in the green room right now setting up, yeah, 56 percent. so this is what we will do, and it is funny, because take a good look now, because now my instagram people are like don't do it, you said you are the won who voted. >> now they want to backtrack. >> we don't have scissors, over here, lets do it right now. >> it will grow back. >> it will grow back fast. it is tuesday, november 14th 2017 here's sue. >> much nicer day to day then
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yesterday. >> by the way before we get to that,. >> lets get for a ride sky fox over the scene of the accident we have not confirmed any kid on the bus so hopefully that is good news right here along the chester pike route 13 in sharon hill an accident the school bus and a met or cycle right there in front of the cheese stake joint and swiss farms. it is good, it is off to the side, chester pike there, and, it is, and, and, 102, an investigation is underway there. as we come to the maps, rolling through sharon hill, again, chester pike at burton lane there. watch out for delays through the morning rush hour. second problem right here looks like we're shut down now on the 42 freeway, this is a live look at route 42 coming in toward philadelphia right where the atlantic city expressway and 42 freeway come together an accident involving
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an overturned vehicle right at the off ramp for sicklerville, williamstown so they have only had one lane opened up until just a few moments ago they have everything blocked active scene, again overturn truck on the freeway as you work your way in toward philadelphia. the traffic lights are defective around 30th street station, so that is causing a vine expressway so give yourself some extra time coming into downtown, sue, we have some sun glare around your saint gabriel's curve but much better to day then yesterday at this time. >> we will trade that sun glare for a better day, less messy day because it was yucky in the morning now eight out of 10 and it is still chilly, very cold, temperatures in the 30's this morning on this national pickle day, so, enjoy your gerkin later on no fog to show you. we did some earlier but we are dealing with chilly temperatures. we have reached 40 in
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lancaster. millville it is 36. mount pocono 34. philadelphia is 37. we just had our sunrise officially and it will be sunny all day, high of 51, milder then yesterday, chilly night tonight, we will see if things change in the senay forecast and mike and alex, that is coming right up. >> all right, sue, 7:30. investigation underway in mercer county heavy police presence was camped out at this applebee's since midnight >> there is a lot of yellow tape up around applebees as steve keeley is there trying to figure out is what going on , steve. >> reporter: we are in the parking lot of the quakerbridge mall and you see signs for route one, you can see that as morning rush and very busy highway, police blocking the front with the couple cars with their lights on. you see yellow tape completely surrounding applebee's and police out back here as well and then further right we have friend, employees here telling us they knew somebody that was hurt or killed here and we
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just don't any confirmation from police as we go seven hours plus since midnight. apple bee's is opened until 1:00 a.m. so presumably employees and customers hear it when a shooting occurred here but who got shot and by who and for what reason we just don't know fit was a robbery or a scene in the parking lot or something inside, carried outside, but all we can tell us police are here for several hours and they have been doing investigating and no talking to the public. on the other side where you don't see connected to this applebee's in this building is a dunkin' donuts that has not been able to opened today. you can bet they are a butts i place this time of the day as soon as we learn something confirmed we will let you know but our friends at breaking news network who listen to the police radio traffic at night let us know this shooting and they also said police were told to look out for a black chevy suburban heading out of here and going north on route one after this shooting, guys.
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>> let us know. >> 7:04. road rage incident in bucks county is under investigation in the middle of rush hour on i-95 a man in the buick rendezvous shouted at another driver who roll down his window and then pointed a gun at him and fired off two shots one hit rubber trim on the top of the passenger door, other flew off the back of the car. fortunately in one was hurt. police are still searching for the guy in the buick. eagles players among hundreds on rallied last night for meek mill there protesting wrappers sentence for parole violations. >> this is a video of the eagles player there malcolm jenkins, torey smith, jaylen mills was there. plus some celebrities. lauren has recap and is what coming out now from tmz, the fbi is getting involved? >> reporter: i know, lot going on, mike and alex. if you didn't know meek mill now they were unfamiliar with him because you do because of the eagles players behind him.
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former sixer julius irving behind them and they were gathered at cjc last night with hundreds of people raising their voiceness support of that philly born rapper. chilly night but cold was not enough to stop hundreds from crowding around here to support him. last week he was strip of his freedom. he waved good bye to his mother and taken to the prison cell where he sits in solitary confinement. last night the community spoke out about his sentence which stems from a probation violation and gun and drug case that dates back a decade ago. his fans seemed to be disappointed in what happened to him saying criminal justice system not so just at all. >> i feel as though this is not right and meek should in the be incarcerated and that they need to let him go. >> look at how long they had him on probation for, nobody hurt of people going through stuff. >> two to four for probation and way worse stuff egging on. >> here's where it takes a twist and turn page six and
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tmz now saying meek mill may have the fbi working in his favor. there are rumors is there a probe into the judge in the case, jeanice brinkly saying under cover agents were in her courtroom monitoring all of the proceedings since april of last year. meek mill was sentenced to two to four years last week. now he is in solitary confinement and his lawyer saying he will appeal the sentence. big names getting behind meek mill, lot of people raising their voices, topic trending on social media mike and alex so we know this is far from over. >> we will follow that probe in the judge, see if that is accurate. lauren, thank you for. that 7:07. this certainly change yesterday a slew of new charges in the hazing death of the penn state sophomore. >> center county d.a. says video cameras in the basement of the beta theta pi frat house captured hazing of the 19 year-old timothy pea as but has been delete by a fraternity brother. fbi retrieved video now
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fraternity member braxton beck er facing tampering charges. d.a. charged 10 new defendants and reinstated charges against those with cases dropped. video shows piazza was served 18 drinks in one hour and 22 minutes. >> they claimed we don't know what else happened other than what was seen in the upstairs video and we don't know what happened in the basement. guess what guys? now we know. >> they are saying new they necessity because video was already hours long and now they have discover that part of it was cut out. piazza fell time and time again during that night in february and he later died from his injuries. we will have family's, attorney, and, and and, they will facing charges. >> they deleted it, and fbi, went and deleted surveillance tape. 7:08. service to celebrate life of the phillies pitcher roy
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halladay toys day. family, friends and fans will gather at spring training field in clearwater flashings today to say good bye to roy. the service at spectrum field will be beginning at 4:00 o'clock. roy died last week after crashing his plane in the gulf of mexico as you know. new castle county a field of dreams becomes a field of one. >> fire burned down a little league, concession stand over the weekend, you probably heard about this, karen, what is very latest. >> reporter: they are looking at it as arson. delaware state fire marshall is investigating possible arson. kid fight so hard to have something nice. you can see is what left. it is burned down to the ground to ruble. is what left of the stanton new port little league concession stan. they renovated worked hard, raised money in this last year to fix it all up. now they have the fire on sunday. these are tikes with the moms out there and all of the kid out there and all of the action when it was fine. now $50,000 in damage. >> it is a lot of heartache
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because it is a lot of volunteer time. nobody gets paid for this, all of the families, all of the volunteers putting countless hours, yes. >> art it looks like before, and they want to it look lake that again. they have another fund raise tore try to replace everything , on all those great hard working volunteers. hopefully they will get it done and catch whoever did this, guys. >> good, get them. thank you. well, roy moore, latest from overnight, republicans in washington d.c. are trying to pressure this controversial alabama senate candidate to get out of the race. >> this is after another woman came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> doug lou cider, here we go again. >> quite an emotional press conference too. >> yes, cried for most of it. >> gloria all red, yeah, this is, this is getting unreal but it doesn't look as though roy moore will get anywhere, although, the chorus of republican voices urging him to leave this race almost
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begging him to leave this race is even growing louder. roy moore doesn't play by establishment political rules but is he guilty of sexual misconduct including assault? >> i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought he was going to rape me. >> reporter: another woman has come forward against moore this makes five now, alleging inappropriate behavior to put it mildly. beverly nelson with the backing of attorney gloria all red said she was 15 at the time. >> i can tell you, without hesitation, this is absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> reporter: but nelson says she did know more, that he had even signed her year book. >> do you believe these allegations to be true. >> i believe would the man, yes. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said moore should step aside and he is not alone. swirling around capitol is a big question what if moore doesn't drop out?
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what are the options? should senate move to ex-spell him if he wins that senate seat december 12th? could the governor delay the election? alabama's secretary of state says the state g.o.p. could withdraw its support. >> at that point if he still receives the most votes our election would be declared null and void and governor ivy would have to call another special election in which we start process all over again. >> reporter: a lot of if's there. it is certainly possible that roy moore could go on to win this seat regardless, alabama is a deep red state, despite these allegations, he could still prevail in about a month and that with leave republicans in a real problem. you know, the things hanging in the balance, these republican tax cuts they want to get done at end of the year they need every vote they can muster. >> i was looking at polls last night, doug it looks like mr. jones the democrat, he was tied, they were tied in the latest poll.
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>> reporter: that in and of itself is astound go to tie up the race, in alabama but it is neck and neck in that poll. again, it is, you cannot rule out possibility that he wins, anyway that moore wins anyway, and, you know, what happens then, we may have a situation where the senate votes to ex- spell one of their own members. >> i know people have been going to that area, and asking for the people, and they are saying we just don't believe it. >> they do ex-spell him, i don't think they have expelled anybody since the civil war. >> yeah, that is right, not an easy thing to do and alex, you make a point there are some that don't believe accusations that is certainly true. there are others that do believe them or aware of them but they are going to make this calculated decision they would rather have a flawed republican in this seat then a democrat. >> difficult hear that someone interviewed some of the journalist and they are saying there have been rumblings in
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some talk about it but in one ever actual difficult anything >> like what was going object in hollywood for years and years. >> that is right. >> we will see you tomorrow. last night jimmy fallon came back. >> he has been out for about a week after his mother died. >> yes, he cancelled all of his shows, you know, like you said last week, and so last night he started his show by saying where he had been and gave a little tribute to his mom. >> when we were little my mom would walk us to the store and me and my sister and we would hold hands. she would squeeze my hand three times and say i love you and i would squeeze back i love you too. last week i was in the hospital and i grabbed her hand and squeezed i love you, and i just knew we were in trouble, yeah, but i feel so grateful to be able to do this every single night and i'm
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very appreciative that my family received over the past week. we will continue to work hard to bring some light, laughter in the world. thank you for watching. thank you for helping me and me family recover from this loss. mom, i'll never stop trying to make you laugh. i love you. he is strong. i don't think i would be able to do it. >> yes. >> yeah. oh, boy that takes you back tour own lives well, it is tough. sue, is what the number of the day. >> it is an eight. >> an eight. >> thank you for changing the subject, but i will say, sometimes you can surprise yourself how strong you are, been there, done that. high pressure in control, today. low pressure that gave us rain this time yesterday has med off shore and we're going to be high and dry for a couple of days, if this had happened monday, we will like it better , and sunshine, and
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temperatures at the shore 38 degrees, cape may point. brigantine 36. thirty-eight in pottstown. thirty-seven in pottstown. here in philadelphia, good morning to you. you have a mix of sun and and, and we are looking at, just a little bit of rain, may not get any but it is re enforcing cold front that will keep things chillier, then the average temperature which is, 57 degrees in philadelphia. that is where we should be. we were at 45 yesterday, better to day with a high of 51. fifty-two tomorrow. fifty-six on thursday. cooler on friday and then, chance of rain probably saturday morning to start your weekend and chillier on sunday , don't forget about our radio partner 101.1 more fm after you get in the car, you definitely got to put on your shade, seat warmer that bob
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kelly likes so much and likes his posterior. and tempers are hot and seats are hot here, look at this a live look the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. an accident involving an overturn vehicle, right where atlantic city expressway meets up with the 42 freeway, sick lettersville, and only one lane opened, we are bumper to bumper here leaving south jersey trying to work your way in toward philadelphia wow what do we have here. okay. this just happened so i'm looking at this for the first time. some this is 95 southbound, between academy and cottman avenue. fully cooking probably vehicle /truck fire. the sign here is kind of blocking it. so thinks southbound i-95, between academy and cottman avenue. it looks like police and fire are not even on the scene just
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yet, so getting ready to leave the house in northeast philadelphia you will want to avoid i-95. we will keep a contact cam why and get another shot from the back side there to see is what going on, delays both directions on market frankford line, septa says they are running with equipment issues at berks station, running with delays on two regional rail lines and traffic lights are still defective, around 30th street station. >> let us in he that fire. 7:18. well, about a month after the mens u.s. teams, you know, soccer team, our u.s. team, failed to qualify the world cup, kaine just say this i'm surprised i was not involved in spending a billion dollars in buying the world cup mens and with men for fox network. >> because, because who was left to play. we spent a billion dollars on this. we have another stunner, folks , italy won't there been
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either. >> for the first time in 60 years, four time champion italy, they didn't qualify. they had to beat swede tone advance and they could not do it. yeah, playing to a scoreless tie in milan. >> no, no. >> nothing, nothing. >> so italy went be there. u.s.a. won't be there. sweden advances for the first time since 2006, to say they were excited, under statement. the swedish players ran over to the euro sport desk broadcasters while they were broadcasting the game. the team tore the anchor december ago part while celebrations. >> look at that. >> sit made out of cardboard. >> that looked easy. >> we don't care burr broadcast. >> that is fantastic. i wish they would do that, like this sunday. >> i guess it is equivalent of taking the goal posts down.
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>> if the eagles win against dallas on sunday i want this to crush the test, bob costas, tear it all up. is what the guy al michaels does he do sunday night football? yeah, yeah. so, crush their desk, eagles fans. just kidding. >> please do not. >> i'm not encourage ago this at all. >> we have a bad wrap. >> lets go back to 95 we have a car or truck on fire. >> this is aivan, live look at that vehicle fire. southbound i-95 between academy and cottman fully engulfed. i don't see anybody standing around. look at tanker guy just driving pass, how dangerous is that. nobody is even stopping. it looks like we have an officer here trying to stop traffic. guy going past police car. you would think you would see smoke and flames and stop but thinks more dangerous then it looks here.
7:21 am
this is south i-95 between accompanied man and cottman. see officer he is trying to stop traffic on that far left side. >> you don't see people. >> i don't see anybody standing around that is what are scary so we will get info and come right back.
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welcome back. updating breaking news we are looking live at this car fire inferno on i-95 southbound, between academy and cottman avenue. fire fighters are not even on the scene here just yet, you can see philadelphia police officers blocking what would be that left lane and left shoulder, it is just amazing that they are allowing traffic to drive past this here not only would i be scared to death but if there if there was an explosion. look at this truck, caring a lot of fuel, tanker truck that went by a few moments ago. they are still letting traffic get past. i would assume they are waiting for the fire company
7:25 am
to get here. engine 52 is located in northeast philadelphia here's another shot of the car fire, behind sign here but 95 southbound, jammed solid between academy and cottman avenue, as i mentioned before my concern was we typically see people standing outside, on the highway. i'm hoping everybody is okay we will try to get information and come back with an update. mike and alex, back over to you. just real quickly here apple's new iphones haven't been out two weeks and they are talking about another generation of phone. >> can you believe it there is speculation we barely, tracie, got iphone 10. i don't think i have seen one. wait, maybe one. >> i got one. >> and then they are talking about the next one. >> yeah, it has been what, five minutes? there is speculation, kgi securities a reliable analyst say apple is introducing three new iphones in 2018. so one of them will be an i
7:26 am
phone 10 plus, kind of with an updated bigger screen, an i phone 10, just an update now that we saw, two weeks ago and third will be a full screen l cd i phone plus. so three new iphones to choose from, many people who pre ordered this one that just came out, haven't even gotten it, yet and it is already obsolete. >> you just can't keep up. >> you love and hate about apple and their iphones. it is cool to keep updating and new won but they keep bringing out new ones. >> let us enjoy the one we have right new for a little bit before we start talking about the next one that will replace it. >> i'm kind of over it. it is like eating too much ice cream it looks so good when you sit down and then, blah. >> tracie, we will see you tomorrow. >> sounds good. >> montgomery county, and
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montgomery county, good morning. >> you have heard of montgomery which has a new sport. >> and, all of those a nation soccer players they started player footsol, is this the future renaldo? what is it, we are at competitive edge in king of prussia this morning. come on, which one are
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we're looking live at i-95 , engine 52 just arrived to the scene. all traffic stopped now southbound between academy and cottman. this has been cooking for about 10 minutes here. the problem fire fighters had to come up through traffic jam in order to get to the vehicle fire, so we will hang with this here for a second and hopefully roll out hoses and get some water on this. this was a minivan, center lanes of i-95 between academy and cottman, fully engulfed. there goes water. hats off to the philadelphia fire fighters. a tough job no matter what type of fire they pull up on this one here though they had toughest part was fighting the traffic, getting on academy road to go south on i95.
7:31 am
is there nothing left of that vehicle this will cause problems for rest of the morning. that is burn for about 10 minutes, and like typically happens in something like this is melted rubber, and the steel, become one with the roadway and that is going to be cause problem for motorist trying to get pass past this here. i-95 south, taking another shot of it here, this is looking at it from the south looking north. so all that white smoke. no pope. but we do have the fire fighters, we don't have a new pope, but we are getting a fire out here, so south on i-95, jammed up between academy and cottman. if you are ready to leave the house, through go, there is delay already. i would forget about 95 leaving northeast philadelphia right now. that is a live look at academy report, you may want to use frankford avenue or roosevelt boulevard if you have not grabbed your coffee and keys and headed out front door.
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we will keep fire fox over it and we will have another update in a couple minutes. sue, sunshine burning off early morning fog. >> not as bright as that fire was but it is dramatic change from yesterday, things have calmed down a lot back to sunshine, bus stop buddy still dressed, armly because very cold outside mostly in the 30 's on this national pickle appreciation day. appreciate your pick toll day. we are not in a pickle like we were yesterday with that bad weather, or no do we have no fog. we have 40 in lancaster. everybody else in the 30's including dover, delaware which is at 32 degrees right at freezing. we are at 37 with sunshine here in the city and 6 miles an hour winds out of the rt . tonight town to 36 with clear sk ahead, mike and alex. deleted surveillance video recently recovered has led to dozensf newn the
7:33 am
february, fourth death, of penn state, beta theta pi pledge tim piazza. >> it is, deleted video from the basement of this penn state university frat house, obtained by center county d.a. that prompts new charges with the help from the fbi. >> we're making holidays plans without our son tim because of your actions. did he not commit the acts, did you, we would not be here today. >> charged are 12 frat brothers some with involuntary manslaughter, others with hazing all linc to timothy piazza's death by beta theta p i brothers already named in the case now facing new charge s. it was february 2nd, when 19 year-old timothy pea as was pledging the fraternity, investigators claimed brutal hazing led him to drink heavily and later fall, fatally injuring himself. footage shows he was given 18 drinks. >> they left him to die alone
7:34 am
and they tried to cover it up. hazing is illegal, and justice need to be served. >> so now we have attorney tom kline who represents the piazza family joining us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> with these new charges, for now, what 10, about 10 new people are being charged? originally in the tape there was 12 hours of video, so what did they find. >> well, there are new tapes and there was a lot that was missing. this new tape is missing linc. there was a lot that happened in the basement. the basement tape what's raised. it was deleted. literally while police were conducting their investigation that tape shows at least would i believe it would show, the handling of a jug by the fraternity brothers and supplying the pledge was alcohol. it will show so-called social event where the district attorney now says there were as many as 18 drinks which
7:35 am
were forced on tim piazza and or his life, by timteral f in the basement, after all of this happened. >> so when you say this is missing linc, this is a pretty big linc, it is apl coue hours and first time we get to see what actually happen in the basement. before we never that. >> that is right, alex. theis attorney was very concerned that this tape was literally billed as t just wasn't working that was their excuse? would you think they would have found this before. >> then there was a fight between district attorney's office and beta national fraternity who insisted they wanted the tape back. district attorney went to court and for the that and said we are not going to give that tape up. they then took the tape, they gave it to the fbi and fbi recover the footage. this is in the category of when you delete something on your computer, it is not deleted. and now it is recovered. it led to a whole series of
7:36 am
new charges. i haven't seen the videotape but i know an awful lot about this case and i know that this truly is the missing linc, the information which tells us what went on in that dark basement that night to this young man which caused his death. it was enough for the district attorney to indict a whole group of new people, on very serious charges so some of the people thought they were in the clear, right? some of these fraternity brothers. >> they thought they were in the clear this tape supposedly didn't exist. the case was built originally on a video tape which had been , recovered by the police. in the hours after this all happened. it occurred in the main level of this, large fraternity house. these cameras were installed by a donor when they renovated the building. and, clearly, and there was a
7:37 am
mind set to not let the tapes exist. >> whoever deleted it is in big trouble. >> there is one individual who is charged by the district attorney with having, been and he is charged with tampering of evidence, and a whole host of chargesy just thinking back to when this story first came out and went over details of what happened to timothy how they left him there and does that mean there is more detail that we didn't even know about before. >> those details, many, of those details were on the videotape. this videotape shows a couple key things, one there was a ritual offhandedding a jug of, vodka, 1.75 let tours 14 pledges and saying you need to drink this and the last guy has to finish it. that started the event. that wasn't on the videotapes. also, what was not on the videotape was the event after the so-called gauntlet where
7:38 am
they were forced to go through station was rushed drinking, the d.a. says that the video tape shows that the tim piazza was forcibly compelled to drink 18 drinks within 92 minutes or something like that >> okay. >> so it is a long period of, i should say a lot of drink nothing a very short period of time, something that an individual would not obviously do themselves. >> what could the other side be, that he has free will, he -- he didn't to have do it. >> the pennsylvania, the pennsylvania law, under pennsylvania law this has nothing, mike to do with free will. this has to do with forcible compulsion of someone. you don't to have hold them down to drink to accomplish a forceable act. this was a right of passage so to speak. this is something that we have
7:39 am
to get used to in america to say this can't be allowed. >> there is a statement from the lawyer for defendant joseph anthony and said not every tragedy ace crime and they seek dismissal of the three new charges against his client, including hazing and events thaw were just listing. tragic as a loss of this young man joey, should have never been charge with the crime. we will hear more from the other attorneys who represent these individual. >> would i add in response to mr. brennan's comment about his client that these are new charges based on new evidence, the old charges which were dismissed were not refiled. so there was something on this videotape which this district attorney saw fit to charge and that is what the basis of these new charges are against mr. else. >> we will see before the judge. >> tom, thanks. my pressure to be here. thanks for having me. >> you have been asked on twit ter, get to this story next, this fidget spinner stuff, do you have a good one
7:40 am
or a bad one, some of them have way, too high levels of lead, okay. and also, it is about time , alex. the hair stylist is here, she's going to shorten, your hair, so would i say within 20 minutes alex holley will have shorter hair.
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updating breaking news here philadelphia fire fighters still on the scene, all lanes, of i-95, closed, between academy and cottman avenue. all because of this, vehicle fire, that is now, out, what you are looking at here fire fighters doused it with water, tow truck trying to get it up on the hook here to get out, what is left of it, it is just a shell, it looks like a family truck station wagons from the christmas vacation movies but the concern now is, it is burned, into the roadway , so the rubber and metal, hopefully, doesn't impact the lanes of i-95
7:44 am
getting reopened but all lanes southbound i-95 is closed. here's another angle of it, looking north, as traffic comes to a halt. these guys have been sitting here in a half an hour, and lets go back, to a live look at i-95 just at a stand still, getting ready to leave the house right now, no go, head for neighborhood use frankford avenue torresdale avenue get down, and get back on and be okay but from woodhaven, levittown, bucks county, a parking lot on i-95 with all lanes closed southbound, just south of the academy. this other accident with the gang from new jersey northbound on the freeway right where 42 freeway and expressway come together they are cleaning up an accident, only one lane gets on through and then some equipment delays , causing delays, for you on the market frank for line, this morning, sueby has your forecast in 152nd.
7:45 am
it is a gorgeous morning in our neighborhood we have a mixture of sun and cloud, which is just as pretty when it is all sunshine, here we go from olde city to the parkway and some headlines, so you can know is what coming over the next couple days mid week sunshine so not just today but couple case of this weather pattern. mostly seasonal or just below, rain though to start weekend on saturday. nothing on radar big difference on yesterday and next chance of rain is not today, not tomorrow, not even until late wednesday night into thursday. and it might be just a shower or two, gone, by 6:00 o'clock in the morning, if you get anything at all, and that is just going to reenforce chilly air in place. so 57 degrees is our average
7:46 am
high. we are below average bye not by much. today, tomorrow, thursday, chillier on friday as we mentioned rain to start weekend on saturday, and then back to the wintry 40's by sunday and monday, of next week, lets see what jen fred's up to in montgomery county this morning, hey there, jen. >> is footsal the future of american soccer. maybe some people think it is, come back to king of prussia we will tell but this sport. stay in the
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7:49 am
have you ever heard of footsal soccer parents are familiar with this sport and jen will clue us in on what it is, she's in king of prussia right now, hi there, jen. >> good morning. hi, mike. philly footsallies something that is developing, these guys are doing it, how does this differ from soccer. >> first of all we're playing on the basketball court, five verse five, lot of touches on the ball. our mantra is play, train, develop. they are having fun. they are training. getting used to the ball n foot sal you use bottom of your foot, laos to you change direction, turn, you are seeing that right now. >> you say in brazil, and in spain, kid don't go out on the
7:50 am
grass until they have learned how to do this. >> they see it first, hard surface and then their coaches for development reasons will get them training in tight areas, helps them play smart, faster with their foot work. kid are using this, soccer parents use this as a winter training type deal. >> all winter long, we would be inside competitive edge right now in king of prussia, get them playing in the league , training, sometimes throw ball out there and get them to fall in love with the game all over again. >> ball is heavier, it doesn't bounce as much. >> we want ball to stay on the court. we want the ball in the flying and bouncing all over. we want them fast on the ball. >> goals are smaller a lot of action, five on five. >> lets see two on two. let's go. >> one thing we talk about the u.s. men for the first time in forever, in soccer did not qualify. >> yes, very big news first time since 1980 something. >> people are saying that foot sal might be part of it if they would have done more training they would have been
7:51 am
better prepare. >> couple things. american player technically is behind some of the international and european players, footsal brings that out. these guys are touching ball 10, 15 times, having shots on goal but they are falling back in love with the sport. passion that can be brought out using the game of foot sal >> it is almost like a video game version. it is really quick. >> your head is on the switch. you are seeing is what happening. you are looking around, using your teammates. being active like sport of basketball but expressed in the sport like soccer isy looked on the internet. i showed my kid this. but do you have drop ins if people want to try it out. >> all winter long we will have drop ins, people can come by, competitive edge sports. we have leagues. great clubs like lower merion soccer club participate. they participate. not just to get better but to get them falling back in love with the sport. >> they go to practice and all that. >> so what is age as someone
7:52 am
as young as five how old can you be. >> we have 14, 15 years old playing in the league, we have 16 year-old doing training, we don't care, five or six, if they have passion, willing to have a ball at their feet they can work next to the 15 year old. as long as they are at their speed and level they can develop. >> one last thing goalie comes out of the net. >> goalie can start to play, roll out, throw it out. >> it is active for kid. they wait for some action. >> we have 10 times more shots , the goal keeper touches the ball 15 times more, and it is more fun. >> i love it. >> so, yes, i told her to show these guys up, girlfriend, you show them up, thank you very much. play like a girl. she's like, i have no time for me. very cool. u.s. mens hopefully can figure out how to do it. >> foot sal. >> thanks, jen. >> your blood pressure went up overnight, look at the front page of the inquirer, new
7:53 am
standard lower threshold. nearly half of us have higher blood pressure. is what your blood pressure right now, what do you think? is it 130 over 80. doctor mike is here, your blood pressure just went
7:54 am
hmm i can't believe how great this tastes! i can't believe it comes in... vegaaaan. and organiiiic. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! in it's vegan! and it's organic!
7:55 am
(♪) (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down
7:56 am
and a complementary first months payment. okay. a couple things here, alex, short hair is ready to go we will get to that in a second. also, the high blood pressure report, that is coming. but first, former eagle jon dorenbos sat down with ellen yesterday, he opened up about the heart problem that he had that almost killed him. >> basically what i had as my heart was pumping blood out a lot of blood was leaking back in so it was working hard. right above that we have aorta like the vein that pumps blood around. expanding like a water balloon. your aorta should that be big. mine was the size of a coke can.
7:57 am
>> so his aorta was a balloon, blowing up. >> yeah. >> pop. >> so a couple things, he said his heart was leaking, so he had aortic insufficiency the aortic valve right below the aorta was was leaking and it vice common. his aorta which is an artery we call it big red, it is the big, it is big artery out of the heart. what happened was he said it was size of a coke can. coke can is 2.6 inches, that equates to 6.6 centimeters and we do surgery on people, when it is over, five. so, he was in big, trouble. >> he was a time bomb. >> if there is anybody that fits that description, it was him. the thought of him playing professional football, makes my blood pressure go up. >> yes. >> so, had he not been traded, he probably wouldn't have been checked by the new orleans
7:58 am
saints. >> right. >> and if he got hit in the chest, after he hikes the ball he sometimes run down and has to tackle people it could burst. >> you got it. >> things happen for a reason. that is why i believe in karma he is a good guy. put out a lot of good karma. i think it came back and saved his butt. >> lets get to the high blood pressure thing because it is on the front page of the philadelphia inquirer this morning. i know, you take my blood pressure, it runs like 120 over 80. >> yes. >> it is so good. then you get up to that 140, one time you checked me i was 140 over 90 or something like that. that is too high. you put me on crestor. >> that is a cholesterol mediciney put you on a blood pressure medication. so basically, so basically the guidelines, and this is nine organizations now, have come together and said hey, blood pressure need to be controlled better. now we're not doing a very good job as it is, getting
7:59 am
peoples blood pressures down, but what this data suggests and what everyone is recommending is that blood pressure need to be ideally 120 over 80. if it is higher then 129 over 79, or 89, then you need to be treated. >> so it used to be, you would let us get up to 140 on the high number. >> there has been lots of smashing of teeth about this for years. some organizations say well, we can relax, but the date ace clear, the lower, the better. now where it gets a little dicey fist grand mom jones comes in and 90 or 85, i have real problems with getting her blood pressure down, too low because if you get tight low she could fall down and brake her hip and game over. so, again, it is the art of
8:00 am
medicine, and being, having a relationship with a provide tore guide you through the shark infested waters of health care. >> can you go to the cvs drugstore and get that cuff put on, is that accurate. >> best way to do it is to sit down for five minutes, get your arm check and have it done, professionally. that is what you need to do. and is what your blood pressure right now. do you think. >> it is low. >> well, sitting next to you, because, sometimes you'll kiss me on the lips when i come on, are we go to go do that. >> no,. >> are we go to go kiss again. one last thing over the weekend, southern jersey family medicine centers, they provide, free medical care to people without insurance. >> did you that already. >> did you that already. >> how was it. >> it was great.
8:01 am
>> i love all of you, mika, the best. >> good talker, book him, he is good. >> good day it is november the 14th, 2017. a lot of folks rallying around meek mill. >> free meek mill, free meek mill. >> famous faces seen in the crowd with a major message for the justice system in our country. >> yanked from the shelves these fidget spinners are dangerous for kid but they are not all bad, how to spot the safe won. plus warning from the local girl why she says that the popular musically app, could have put her in danger. and thanksgiving dinner isn't all about the turkey. the sides are a big deal too, how about this, putting champagne in your vegetables.
8:02 am
>> are you red i. >> alex is here, she has short hair now. there is hair all over the floor. are you ready for this. i will back out, are you ready for the reveal. >> di, do you want it on this camera over here. >> okay, are you ready. >> i think i'm ready. >> drum roll. >> my. >> wow. >> yeah. >> what do we think. >> i like it, a lot. >> i adore it. >> well, this is so different. >> fabulous. >> is your head lighter. >> i feel free, i feel free. >> you have a bob kelly bob.
8:03 am
>> so, guys, weigh in, you guys voted, do you like this better. i thought would i look younger if i have short hair or do i look younger. >> well, it is very sophisticated. i really like it. >> me too. >> thanks, guys. >> you have no choice at this point. >> true. >> but it will grow. >> i want to bring in michelle because she works wonders. >> here she is. >> she puts up with me, so, tell everybody, i know, tell everybody where you are and your studio. >> your salon. >> my salon is, hair studio on 5535 market street. >> shout out to west philadelphia. >> yes. >> under the el. >> right under the el. >> yes. >> i know. >> he knows where i go. >> good job. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, mike. >> let's light up twitter right now. >> i'm sure people will have opinions. >> thumbs up or thumbs down.
8:04 am
>> i'm a thumbs up. >> is weather a thumb up. >> absolutely compared to yesterday so rainy, chilly, yucky, still chilly but not raining anymore. bus stop buddy is bunled up at the bus stop you have to dress the kid in the warm coat today because it is only in the 30's out there on this national pickle day, we are were watching some fog earlier just a little bit in berks county where it is 39, it has reached 40 in philadelphia. we have a mixture of sun and cloud and 6 miles an hour win. mostly sunny, that is about 5 degrees, milder then yesterday, we will take it, 36 h clear skies. bob kelly is here with the latest, on, 95, is biggest problem. >> been biggest problem all morning long, good news as we look live at 8:04 here southbound lanes just reopen. here's is what left of the family minivan out there in
8:05 am
the center lanes fully demolished here. fire fighters squirted it down they used a shovel to clean up , and clean up left, is what moving here southbound i-95. this is a live look at north bound side, a gaper delay was called and this guy off to the shoulder but we are, and, bumper to bumper all the way down, leaving the house right now, i would head for street road, over to the boulevard, or state road, and, get you down to cottman avenue in king of prussia here. south bun lanes of the blue route an accident just south, of the schuylkill expressway, and as you approach saint david, villanova and market frank for lined running with delays this morning. >> 8:05. >> ♪ >> my brother meek mill.
8:06 am
>> there is rapper rick ross among other people in center city voicing their support for meek mill. >> lets get out to lauren johnson to the criminal justice complex. all right there, lauren. >> first, alex, i love your hair but lets say this, back to business here at cjc this morning but last night when it was empty and everyone had gone home hundreds of people were out here rallying for meek meek million. the judge's ruling that he serve two to four years behind bars sent shock waves through community and support started on social media and then movement born to show support for meek and called for judge to be removed. it played out in big numbers with big names, rapper rick ross, julius irving, eagles players galore and then fans of the roner but there were some act wrist and lawyers in the crowd whose say they have strong word for that judge.
8:07 am
>> during my more than 25 years being a lawyer i never heard of the district attorney and probation department together recommend probation and then the judge rejected that. what this judge has done is outrageous. it it is arbitrary, we lawyers call that shocking the conscious. >> reporter: something else shocking but maybe welcomed news to the crowd who support meek mill the judge is being investigated by the fbi according to tmz. they report the federal agency is looking into allegation that is there is some sort of extortion, inappropriate behavior, off the bench relate to go meek's career and her demands that she made of him. meek's allowing appealing jean ice brinkly decision last week. through it all meek remains behind bars in voluntary confinement, one of his friend is here at the rally said his heart goes out to him because he knows himself as a father, it is so tough to be away from your family. >> we will continue to follow it. 8:07.
8:08 am
deadly shooting investigation at an applebee ness mercer county new jersey. police say it happened inside the restaurant off of lawrence ville, around midnight one man was shot dead according to police no word if any arrests have been made just yet. we have talk bit with tom kline and slew of new charges in the hazing death of timothy piazza. the center court d.a. says their video cameras in the basement of this fraternity house, beta theta pi house caught the hazing of 19 year-old timothy piazza, but had been deleted by a brother who was now in big brother. fbi retrieved video. now fraternity member braxton becker facing tampering charges. the. d.a. also charged 10 new brothers and reinstated charges against two who thought they were going to go without charges, they were dropped, they are back on now,
8:09 am
attorney tom kline represents piazza family spoke with us a few minutes ago. >> there was a fight between the district attorney's office and beta national fraternity who insisted they wanted the tape back. district attorney went to court and for the that and said we are not going to give that tape up, they then took the tape, they gave it to the fbi and the fbi recover the footage. this is in the category of when you delete something on your computer, it is not deleted, it wasn't deleted and now it is recover. it led to a whole series of charges you can never really delete anything. >> not when fbi is involved. >> piazza fell time and time again during that night of drinking in the frat house in february. remember, tom kline said like a 12 hour video but part that we're talking about that he called missing linc is two or three hours long. >> that is right. >> eighteen drinks he consumed in 82 minutes. a service celebrating life of the former phillies pitcher roy halladay, family, friends,
8:10 am
fans will gather at phillies spring training field in clearwater florida to say good bye to the legendary pitcher. the service at spectrum field starts at 4:00. halladay died last week after crashing his plane in the gulf of mexico. all right. well, lets get positive news here,. >> taylor swift, what? >> i'm just looking. i have never seen your shoulders. >> look at them now. >> taylor swift is heading to philadelphia, again, so taylor announced tour dates that has philadelphians already marking their calendar, where will she perform, what venue, and what is the date. we will tell you. we have to get in the fidget spinners, people want to know if their kid have bad won or good won, maybe picked up at target, or yank from the shelves, no. get your spinners out we will take a look at
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
we have an accident that just popped up here on the jam
8:14 am
cams, eastbound on the 30 bypass, for gang coming from chester county. right at business route 30 right where the sun hits you hard in the dashboard right in the forehead here so we are jammed leaving downingtown, coming out of chester county. here's is what left of that vehicle fire on i-95, burnout shell of the station wagon and traffic slow from woodhaven on down and south bun lanes of the blue route 476, jammed solid from mid county all the way down to saint david, villanova we have an accident here taking out right lane. sue has your tuesday forecast in 15 seconds sunshine might fool you this morning, temperatures are pretty chilly, in fact, in
8:15 am
coatsville, it is 38 degrees, 39 in west chester, heading down to williamstown, new jersey it is 37, 40 in middletown delaware and mount holly, new jersey just 2 degrees above freezing at 34 we will warm, well, get milder , anyway, 51 today, 52 tomorrow and mid 50's by thursday. cooling off after a cold front comes through thursday morning and then rain to start weekend , much cooler temperatures sunday and monday , alex and mike. >> i have a safe one. >> are you sure it is safe. >> yes. >> okay. >> fidget spinners, coming under fire again, target, the target stores, has pulled two models of the toys from their shelves and on line after test performed by u.s. public interest research group, a consumer advocacy group showed they contained high levels, and i mean high levels of lead
8:16 am
>> so because consumer products safety commission categorized fidget spinners as general use products and not children's toys unless marketed under 12 they don't fall under the same lead safety guidelines. so one of the spinners tested reportedly came back 300 times the level deemed safe for kid. >> have you ever met a fidget spinner expert? you where to. you where to. his name is mike rolls from the pennsylvania public interest research group. good to have you here. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> this is simple. target took them off the shelves. so get out your spinners and let's tell you which won are good or bad. i have one here in my hand that has kind of a rubberized, thing around the center, and let me turn it so you can actually see it. the the middle. >> we cannot deem is what safe we tested for led, children's
8:17 am
products and other products can have high levels of parts that break off. we had parts causing small, problems. >> a kid can swallow it. >> we have done segments on this. >> this is another issue. >> this is the lead issue itself. and, toy safety report. we sent in a dozen fidget spinners at a lab in chicago, it is accredited by consume are products safety commission , two of those were, and, this one hear, is 300 times the legal limit for, safe, safe lead in children's products. >> point to the part that we're having trouble with. >> the one in the center piece here is exactly, where children are holding ton that thing. that is one where it was
8:18 am
tested for 300 times legal limit. >> the blade were above the limit, but not as high. >> is this one specifically. >> this was one of the two, other one tested for 1300 times and that is fidget wild, premium spinner medal this is fidget wild premium spinner brass. >> it is kind of the same line >> those manufactured by bull 's eye toy which is located in iowa, and both were found on target shelves as late as last week. we have put out a big roll out on the findings and target took them off the shelves next day, credit to them. >> let's talk about the consumer products safety commission. they sent us an e-mail yesterday saying well, we consider the following factors when determining whether an item is a children's product, because originally they were made for adults to relieve stress. marketing materials and whether the product and packaging designs were intended to appeal to a child,
8:19 am
12 years of age or younger and the products, age, grading. >> in a statement provided to "fox news" target says products followed all cpsc guidelines but removed based on concerns that were raised. statement says they are working closely with our vendors to assure they carry at target meet the guidelines for children's products. >> to wrap it up because aim getting text, my god my kiddies frequenting out, but they can use it but be careful which won you are using. >> exactly that is the bottom line. always check labels on the packaging. target on line said this was labeled as, for age six plus even though packages says 14 plus. nonetheless this was found in aisles where next to fidget spinners for kid six plus. so it was a little bit of a, it is target, they missed mark here. they were putting the toy oil next to other fidget spinners for children, and they were
8:20 am
put in the toy aisle next to other products like stuffed animals, and those kind of things and when you market it like this, you know, and it is common sense to tell thaws this is a children's product. we need to hold cpsc accountable to labeling them as children products so they are all held to the same standard. >> even though they were originally manufactured for adults going through stressful jobs or whatever you sit at your desk and you spin it. >> right, but now they are in the toy aisle. >> a lot of kid have them. >> the whole other problem you were talking about here is, my safe spinner that thing pops out. >> yes. >> that pops out, they all pop out. >> there is deaf literally still some concerns with all of them. >> maybe the fad will fade quickly and we won't ever have to talk about this ever again. go test something else. >> great. >> thanks. >> thanks, for coming in.
8:21 am
also ahead another danger for kid that parents need to know about this thing called it is a popular app, it is called musically. ask your kid if they know what a musically app is, and do ask your kid if they know what a musically app is, and do they have before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, ask your kid if they know what a musically app is, and do they have please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios.
8:22 am
now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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8:24 am
we have yet another warning for parents out there, is there an app called music ally. >> so many kid love this. >> yes. >> right, karen, take it, play music, make your own music video, and it matches it up perfectly. >> it is really fine, we know kid at heart bill anderson that does it as well. it vice big with the kid. you never think bit, you see something like this thinking it is fine, they are having i great time could it be an issue. it has been for one family in our area her name is jasmine, 11, and she does video, having fun. her account is private but message that is she received because she accepted a request from someone that she thought was a boy that she knew, it is very upsetting because her mom , says, that, she got
8:25 am
sexually, and, nude pictures, and now the and, effect this will have on your little girl. >> that doesn't get away, that sticks in their heads, and a part of her innocence is gone, and it is not okay and it is in the okay to say that to anyone in this world, ever. >> so the mom sent musically an in app message and she contacted the fbi, spokesperson for musically said they will review complaint but says there is a whole slew of resources including linc for kid who use musically and we will put that information on our web site at fox that said, even though i keep a good tab on my kid i have never looked on the apps for information and resource about what i'm supposed to be doing. >> well, isn't it about time. >> i guess it is, i want a app that is either thumbs up, thumbs down that is all i have time fore know you are trying
8:26 am
to be mother of the year so get on it. >> when it comes to these apps you have to be so careful, regardless. >> just don't have kid. >> there you go. >> is that the solution. >> yes. >> there you go. >> stop it. >> for you, are canadian, and everybody else. >> i know. >> thanks, karen. >> 8:26. i know and i can't believe still that we are coming up a week away from thanksgiving just a few days way and i know focus is on the turkey, we will do segments about the turkey but lets get these side together and these side are different, can you imagine, some people have champagne to drink. what if you put champagne in your vegetables. >>ow could do you that. >> what is this. >> we will figure it out. >> you can do that. >> i can. >> and he will. >> yes. >> next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
your kid wakes up coughing, sneezing and you send him to school anyway. should you send a sick child to school. a mother's outraged when she fines out other parents dropped off sick students. because she has had some things to do, darn it. dropped a sick kid off. plus there is a new barbie to add to your collection, for the first time, ever, this barbie is wearing a hajab. so, where the idea came from and really, they should have done this. why has it taken this long. >> does barbie have a new hi jab. >> oh, my gosh. >> people are weighing in, and i want to clarify. >> what happened. >> people are like you cut your hair. this is a wig. this is a wig. i want to put it out there there is no misunderstanding. i have a hair appointment this weekend. this is a nice little test
8:31 am
drive and if i like it, maybe. >> wow. >> see, problem is i don't know if i can maintain this. my hair stylist did this. turf do my own hair every morning. >> sit hard to maintain a short haircut then a long haircut. >> i always thought shorter was harder, i don't know because you cannot put it in the pony tail. >> i never thought of that. >> well, i love it. >> yes, you don't to have worry about it. >> but do you have the nerve to do this for real, it is like getting a tattoo. >> is it. >> yes. >> you can grow hair back. >> would you really do this. >> we will see, people are weighing in on instagram alex holley tv and twitter, facebook, alex holley fox 29. >> it exposes your edges. >> they have to be laid. >> they have to be laid now. >> all right. >> now, lets get to sue, sue, are you whispering about something. >> we're talking about you,
8:32 am
behind your back. >> i'm used to it. >> we are having a consultation about the sun glare out there because it is really bright and buddy's wearing his shade, temperatures are mostly in the 30's, and we have got 40 degrees though in reading. 40 degrees in philadelphia just a little bit of the breeze out of the north at 6 miles an hour and we are heading to a high, of around 50 today which is 5 degrees warmer then yesterday. we will take that for sure. little bit milder, we will tell you if it gets warmer coming up in the seven day forecast. our consult is over, bob kelly >> you got it how is the sun glare. >> we have it right here, live look at 30 bypass eastbound just clearing an accident out of the way but the sun as you can see shadows right there, at your dashboard, do you see it. >> yes, dashboard level there. >> zoom into those cars, hit button and bam, disabled truck this is on the schuylkill expressway westbound just west of the spring garden street in the left lane and there is
8:33 am
what is left of the family car on i-95 involved in the vehicle fire. camera at cottman, on the blue route 476 jammed down to saint david villanova because of an accident that is there off to the shoulder. who is ready to eat. >> me, me. >> thanksgiving is. >> i'm so ready, and, we do this every year, sure, turkey 's great but side are the most important to you and i. >> it compliments the turkey. if you have a good turkey but don't have good side then it is not a good meal. >> yes, yes. >> but we know all of the regular side, we want something different for our special meal, okay. drew's here from the pine hill tavern which is in just outside of new hope, isn't it. >> good to see you you promised us, this would be different. >> it is different. it is very different. >> okay what the heck is that.
8:34 am
>> this is a style of potato called hasselback which is typically done with, uconn gold but we decided to do them with sweet potatoes being the holiday and they are sliced about 23rd of the way down and we candy them for about, i don't know, about, 45 minutes or so and they separate, and we put the brown sugar, butter , nut meg, cinnamon, everything gets down there and saturate is it. >> let me get a shot of this. >> what are the names. >> hassle beck potatoes he used to play for the eagles. his wife was on the view for a long time. so you basically sliced it thinly. >> yes. >> sliced it about 23rd of the way through and it maintains its shape as potato but that brown sugar gets down in the potato. >> it is glistening, drew. that would surprise our guest wouldn't it. >> yes, sir. >> let me plate it as they say
8:35 am
in the business. >> all right. >> do you want a little sliver there. >> i will. >> shortly. >> i will take a little. >> sweet mother of pearl. >> that is good. >> different but delicious. >> that is exactly right. >> and delicious. >> we will move to the next thing. >> heck witt you will never top that. >> next up we have, our stuffing or dressing, if you will, this is one of my father 's, traditional in our house hold but not so traditional in others. it has apples. it has some safe breakfast sausage in it. >> okay. >> pecans and three different kinds of bread what kind of bread it has white bread, wheat bread and corn bread to sweeten it up, it plays well, some fresh sage, onion, celery , chicken brot, all of the good stuff.
8:36 am
>> a lot of people love us before will spouts. i'm a big fan now. >> people have trouble with us before will sprouts. this is a dish i make anytime they tell me they don't like us before will sprouts. >> this is my mother's dish and it is a candy. they are happened. sauteed in buttedder, and olive oil and then, we will put, sugar in the pan, deglaze it with some water, and we will let it cook into a carmel in the bottom of it. it sweetens them out, and there is olive oil left in the bottom of the pan so we hit witt a dash of champagne, and it creates this really luxury sweet, salty, and flavor that is good for everybody, at lee i think so. >> i know, so, drew. >> wonderful. >> champagne cooks off, there is no alcohol. >> but it is so good.
8:37 am
>> okay, i'm a fan, can you come back on thanksgiving day. >> yes, we will bake these dishes at my house. >> i am. >> can people order these. >> we have a lot of these side regularly this time of the year. we are opening up a restaurant not far from here in fishtown in early 2018, and probably, around march area and we'd love to come back. >> what about thanksgiving. >> we are opened, we are opened for thanksgiving, and we are taking reservations, you can get menu on our web site and all of the other information. thanks for having me. really a pleasure. >> pineville tavern, bucks county. >> i will get get me some more >> i cannot read that. >> this is basically how it will be on thanksgiving all this food and we will be eating. so how about this, it is always a debate when you go to dinner what kind of pants, wear a dress, you have to make room, and how about these. thanksgiving stretch pants, yes, they made pants just for the holiday to get you ready
8:38 am
to give you more than extra room to breathe we will give you details, look at that, coming up. >> i must order these now. dang. ok, i gotta run... hey wait. there's something i need to tell you. dang. dang. dang. dang. daaaang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
okay, next summer taylor swift will be in philadelphia. >> perform at the linc next summer on july 14th, taylor, and one of the stops on the reputation stadium tour, tickets go on sale, december 13th. >> that is my daughter, jessica's birthday. >> do you think she would wanting to. >> no. >> pennsylvania congressman pat meehan, honored local veterans with congressional commemorations yesterday at
8:42 am
delaware county courthouse. >> the award is intended to honor those who sacrificed during time of war and in the seventh district of pennsylvania. board of veterans represent each county in the district select 11 honoraries of the award, one of our own here at fox george roach, he was honor úcongratulations, george. master sergeant george roach, as he is known in the military is in the 111th attack wing out of horsham. >> i have never seen him without a hat. >> i think i have. >> he does wear hats a lot, true. >> congratulations, george. >> congratulations, man, that is cool. 8:42. do you know jen's live in wayne, today, how that. >> i should get an ward for that. look at the halo, she made me i halo because i'm an angel. getting you ready and mike, you have even received your own seat at big boy table we
8:43 am
will tell what you we are doing with the getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. meet with a ctca cancer specialist in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours. learn more at
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it.
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with strayer university's mba program today. 8:45 so gorgeous at the shore. don't try to get in that water
8:46 am
it is really cold. air is cold as well. our temperatures have been in the 30's all morning. we have inched in the 40's, in a couple of places, 41 in wilmington. good morning lancaster. you're at 41. we are at 40 right here in philadelphia looking at the future cast we have sunshine rest of the day to day and tomorrow clouding up tomorrow night, just a little bit of rain, in the overnight hours you may not see one drop of it but will reenforce less than average temperatures, that are in place right now, 50 today, normal high is 57, 52 tomorrow and 56 on thursday, 50 on friday. rain to start weekend. sunshine rest of the weekend. but get ready for another blast of cold air on sunday, mike jerrick. >> do you ever go to somebody 's house for thanksgiving, sue and they decorate the table so fully that there is in room for the food. >> yes, right. >> difficult that within year. >> they have card tables set up.
8:47 am
>> oh, sure. >> so you want to make it look nice but have room for the food, so jen's in delco with the queen of the decorating, hi there, jen. >> she is the queen. >> yes. >> i'm the queen. >> good morning, queen. >> good morning, thank you so much. we are at valley forge flowers where nothi is un un attractive. >> this is our time of the year here. >> lets give small tips. i have received a text from one of my friends and she said how do i do this keep budget low and make sure there is room on the thingy for my food >> well, one of most most favorite things right now super popular is incorporating a gar land. i love especially when busy at thanksgiving use one of your faux garlands. this is so nice, thin, flexible that when you put it down table it is easy to snug he will in your food dishes and manipulate so not taking up room of the center piece, i added fresh greens to it, for set and, this is a great
8:48 am
center, and it is on the table >> garland's your friend. is what next one. >> next thing is having your flowers on the table maybe around your plate, put herbs and flowers underneath the plate because it will stay there throughout the dinner not taking up precious space at the food. we did these wood vans as place holders. >> yes. >> instead of the big bowl or basket of bread we did these beautiful individual ter cota where you can bake your bread right in the pot, all we did was frozen dough and put tonight there. it was yummy. decorating your silverware again it will in the take up room or food on the table but just makes it so festive. we did our leaves out of the backyard for our place setting >> that is legitimate like a regular leaf. >> right out of the backyard about five minutes ago, and then went and cut these. >> thank you. >> how about these linens.
8:49 am
they are beautiful for my friend at total table. we rent linens for all of the holidays throughout the holidays. >> yes. >> it is so great. >> yes. >> turf say my one friend allison one of her big struggles she was trying to get linens that matched at bed , bath and beyond. >> hard to do. >> you tell us the size of your table and you can get through the web site, total table, see what linens you like and we will get you linen you don't wash it, iron it, ready to go. getting your flowers up and out of the way, chandelier is the perfect place for a real, wow, my goodness when your get s come in and they see this center pete but it ace above their head not getting in the way of conversation, we took a regular chandelier added a grapevine wreath with sip ties and we embellished it, and added flowers to tit. you can zoo your caesar garland there and look
8:50 am
beautiful at the same time. >> i'm hook. we love coming here because you make it look so extravagant. >> it is so easy. >> one more thing, the backs of the chair how great is that your guests will feel special and not taking up room on the table. >> you had your sign. and you got an a plus on your assignment. >> we will have a kid table not messy but kid need something to do in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> hello. >> how about that. >> i think it looks great. >> yes. >> earlier we talked about jon dorenbos who sat down with ellen degenius yesterday, so everybody is talking about his story, very emotional, all that his wife was there his new dog we got to sianni then did you see the gift that ellen gave him, it is so cool. we will
8:51 am
sorry. i can't make it.
8:52 am
it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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a few minutes before 9:00 o'clock here. alex, i want to you look at this, there is a teenager who is dealing with alopecia, you know, took senior photos embracing her condition and they are going viral, as they say, in the business. >> so for her first time ever 17 year-old madison babcock was photoed with her auto immune disorder. to further show off her beauty , the mother painted different flowers on her head. she's gorgeous. >> i like it. >> she hopes her pictures are an inspiration to others living with alopecia. >> so she put that in her senior year book. >> she looks really good. >> really wonderful, senior in high school there. >> all right. >> lets get back to this question because this will be
8:55 am
good. should you send your child to school if you are a child who is visibly sick. so this mom we found is outraged when she finds out another parent dropped off her sick kid but here's the excuse , the mom has had some other things to do. and, basically needed the school to be a baby-sitter. we finally got our hands on the new, salted carmel pepsi, yes, a real thing, we have bottles here, so is it all it is cracked up to be? is it really good. >> we will try it next. >> let's do a wine tasting with
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
everybody i talked to said this concert last night by janet jackson, was fantastic. >> janet taking the stage at wells fargo center last night, and,. >> she looks so good. >> yes. >> doesn't she though. >> yes. >> getting better. >> yes. >> there you go. >> lets look at her, work it. oh, yes. >> there you go. >> great stage production last night too. >> that was fun. good day, everybody, it is , without her, we wouldn't have this short hair. hi, karen. >> hi. >> hi. >> so good looking, i love it, been admiring it, it looks so good when did you janet jackson. >> it is great. you can wear this on tv, but it is awesome. let us know if you like it. >> because this is a wig. >> yes. >> michelle put it together. it is real, it is crazy.
9:00 am
it is like a little test run. you voted. i will try it out. then we will see. go back to long hear don't be mad at me. my dad said do not cut it. >> yes. >> it is your dad, parents want to you stay the way you are. >> exactly. >> we want you to be five years old. >> look at you, the rest of your life. >> hi, gwenn. >> should you send a sick kid to school, mom outraged when another parent dropped her sick kid off because the mom, in question said that she had too many things to do and she needed a baby-sitter basically drop off a sick kid. >> well, let us know what you think about that. >> okay. >> plus friendly competition, good day version of the delco hiq we are facing the best, brightest kid and lets see if we can beat them when it comes to our knowledge. >> the three of us will go up against high school children. >> i think they will beat us. >> for sure. >> that is so scary these questions are


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